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So, “This Girl Did Good eh?”
Yes. Yes I did.

In 2018 I was a soon-to-be divorced, single Mum of two who wanted to stop relying on the state and rise from the ashes. So I did.

Donna Hinett

So, “This Girl Did Good eh?”. Yes. Yes I did.
I was a single mum, going through a divorce and I decided to pull myself out of the mess and do something with myself. I wanted to get off of benefits and the only way at the time was to become self-employed. I couldn’t get out to work because of having a toddler so I decided to find something that I could do from home.
Yes, I could have got a job selling health and beauty products or similar, but I wanted something that could be done purely from home. 
So the search online began. I found various get rich quick schemes and believe me I tried many! I even won over £14,000 in prizes whilst comping.
Determined to get off of benefits, I then set up Oh For Five Minutes and started working from home doing my dream job of designing and printing handbags. Then one day I stumbled across the idea of passive income. I delved deeper and soon discovered that with just a few hours work a day I could earn extra money whilst I slept!
Passive income isn’t just about being an affiliate or just setting up a sales funnel and sitting back. I also make printables and digital notebooks.
To be successful, to go from just a few pounds a day to hundreds of pounds a day, you need to learn other things too. Blogging, marketing, email lists, lead magnets and much more.
I’m going to share what I’ve learned with you in the TGDG Academy. I look forward to joining you on this new and exciting journey you are about to embark on!
Oh and why the New York picture? It is what has motivated me on my journey. I want to be there.

Mum of Two

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Creative thinker

Creative Thinker

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